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      Goodix’s IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR? leads the evolution of bezel-less smartphone design. An optical fingerprint sensor beneath the display enables fingerprint scanning and authentication, and turns a defined area of a display into a fingerprint “button ”, therefore eliminated the need for physical fingerprint sensor buttons.

      ? Seamless integration with the latest bezel-less smartphone design, and improves user ergonomics

      ? Fully supports both flexible, rigid OLED displays and LCD display

      ? Compact size with ultra-low power consumption

      ? High resistance against ambient light (especially sunlight) interferences

      ? Remarkable stability under extreme conditions (temperature, humidity, and etc.)

      ? Original lamination solution

      ? Winner of 2020 Edison Awards and 2017 COMPUTEX d&i awards

      ? Commercialized on flagship models from HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, OnePlus, Redmi, ZTE, MEIZU, Lenovo, Moto, iQOO, realme, TCL, BlackShark, etc.


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