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      GH612/613 - High Performance, Low Power Capacitive Touch Chip


      GH612/613, a high-performance capacitive touch chip with low power consumption, can be used in ultra-low power capacitive touch key detection for IoT and wearable devices. Integrated with a high-performance, low-power MCU and a self-inductance front-end analog circuit, GH612/613 detects the touch event or proximity sensing to implement corresponding human-computer interaction based on the changes of capacitance. GH612/613 adopts the sensing algorithm that is proprietarily researched and developed by Goodix. Its super-high signal-to-noise ratio can facilitate it to precisely identify proximity sensing, as well as gestures such as swipe, tap and long-press.  


      • Supports precise, reliable, and low-power capacitive touch button detection

      • More convenient and easier interaction between human and devices, supports operations such as proximity sensing, swipe, tap and long-press

      • Embedded ultra-low-power-consumption MCU

      • Internal 8-channel self-inductance sensor

      • GH612 supports 7-channel touch keys; GH613 supports 8-channel touch keys

      • Supports 1.7V ~ 5.5V wide voltage power supply

      • On-chip memory: 3.5KB SRAM

      • Clock: an internally calibrated capacitance-resistance oscillator (no external crystal oscillator required)

      • Package:

        1. GH612: WLCSP 19 Pin 2.09 mm * 1.94 mm * 0.513 mm
        2. GH613: QFN 4 mm * 4 mm

      System Block Diagram

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