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      Fingerprint Sensors

      Goodix always commits to prioritizing security. Through applications in mobile devices, smart home, and automotive products, we’ve been dedicated ourselves to innovating industry-leading biometric solutions and delivering secured and convenient experiences that ensure end-users’ data privacy and home security. Goodix is the only provider with a full range of fingerprint solutions including IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR?, Live Finger Detection?, IFS?, covered (glass, ceramic, sapphire) fingerprint sensors, and fingerprint sensor with hard coating.


      Goodix’s IN-DISPLAY FINGERPRINT SENSOR? leads the evolution of bezel-less smartphone design. An optical fingerprint sensor beneath the display enables fingerprint scanning and authentication

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      Live Finger Detection?

      As the world’s first live fingerprint sensor that combines hardware and software authenticating solutions, Live Finger Detection? allows a capacitive fingerprint sensor and an optical sensor to be seamlessly combined into one. 
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      The world’s first IFS? (Invisible Fingerprint Sensor) enables smartphone manufacturers to equip their products with a fingerprint sensor without having to drill a hole on the front glass or the back cover. 

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      Covered Fingerprint Sensors

      Support glass, ceramics, and sapphire covers.
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      Fingerprint Sensor with Hard Coating

      Goodix’s compact fingerprint sensor with hard coating delivers state-of-the-art authentication performances and supports 360° readability.?
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