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      Corporate Culture

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      • Mission

        Enrich Your Life Through Innovation

      • Vision

        To Be a World-Leading Technology Innovator

      Core Values

      Dedication, team work, innovation and performance are the core of our value system. With our dedication to research and development, we strive to push the boundaries of engineering to shape a new landscape for the future of technology. As caring listeners and seasoned technical experts, we keep our promise to deliver the best results and solutions.

      • Dedication

        Greatness in anything does not come from a stroke of luck—it requires faith and commitment. We understand the importance of hard work and patience, and that is why we have spent countless hours and invested heavily in research and development to create superior products.

      • Teamwork

        We embrace the visions and the voices of our clients, and spare no effort in fulfilling expectations and meeting demands. Trust and honesty are what bond people at Goodix and unify us as a team. Our people—together we make Goodix a better place to be.

      • Innovation

        The creative process begins with dedicated study and research, and culminates in innovation.  At Goodix, we constantly look to optimize and improve, never resting on past accolades. We will forge the future of our industry.

      • Performance

        Goodix employees are dedicated and passionate, and they are encouraged to maximize their potential. They are well-trained and focused on delivering the highest quality products and services. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

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